Adrian SCOTT has spent his entire career in the field of broadcast journalism and its technology.

He majored in journalism at the University of North Carolina, and then returned to his native Scotland to join Radio Clyde as a reporter and presenter. He subsequently worked as a producer and presenter at LBC and IRN, before becoming part of the launch team at TV-am where he was Head of Planning, News Editor and Editor-of-the-Day (executive producer).

Having used an early version of the BASYS newsroom system at TV-am, he was recruited by ITN (who had recently acquired the BASYS company) as European Operations Director with primary responsibility for Sales and Marketing of the BASYS system. He was instrumental in increasing BASYS’s turnover from zero to £6m in five years and the customer base from 2 to over 100.

When BASYS was eventually acquired by Avid, Adrian became Avid’s European Broadcast Market Manager, and then when BASYS was spun off as iNews, VP of EMEA Marketing. In 2000 he joined Autocue as Director of Marketing, and presided over the rebranding of Autocue’s newsroom products.

In mid-2002 he founded the Bakewell House Consultancy, and now advises a variety of broadcasters, manufacturers and other industry players on technology, journalism and workflow issues, especially news automation and Media Asset Management.

He is a member of the IBC Exhibitions and Conference Committees, and is a long-term consultant to the International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers, for whom he directed the first annual Business Conference in January 2005. He is European chairman of the Global Society for Asset Management.

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He worked since 2002 with Charles Bebert and is a partner in Kane