Are you up to speed on today's broadcast technology ?

Where do you go to get accurate, up-to-date, impartial advice about what is really happening in broadcast technology around the world? Especially in TV newsrooms?
Do you know who is buying what, and from whom? And why?
Are you abreast of current technology trends?
Do you know what it takes to run a successful technology project, especially when multiple
manufacturers are involved?
How does new technology affect workflow in the newsroom?
What are the human factors involved in implementing change?
How can broadcasters reap the full benefits of news technology?

Now you can get answers to all of these questions, and much more, from the Kane Reports

Charles Bebert, of Kane Consulting in Paris, has interviewed over 200 of the world's leading broadcasters and all of the major manufacturers. His two benchmark studies…

…are now available in revised and updated versions, newly translated into English by Adrian Scott.

Our catalogue also contains

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