Charles BEBERT is born in 1950 (he is French and speaks French English, German).

He is engineer of the "Ecole Nationale des Mines de Paris" in France, and has a Masters in Physics from the University of Paris.

He became a specialist in IT strategy and project management and has since then worked as a consultant in 16 countries around the world, including USA, Canada, Japan and Europe.

He founded Kane in 1986, based in Brussels and in Paris.

In 1992, he started to work for the media sector: television, cinema (Babelsberg Studios in Germany), audiovisual service providers, audiovisual attractions in theme parks.

He is a specialist in project management (news production, Media Asset Management, playout centres) and in benchmark studies regarding the media business.

Kane produces and updates several studies such as Newsroom, Media Asset Management, Location Based Entertainment, Digital Cinema ...

He is currently working on consulting projects in project management, newsroom organisation and technical architecture.

His recent (2001-2005) references are :

- Among broadcasters and related organisations :

- Among manufacturers for the broadcast industry :

He worked since 2003 with Thierry Moyersoen and Connector in various projects including RTBF.

He is member of the Commission Supérieure Technique of the CNC in France and of the B.K.S.T.S. in the UK, and has several times worked as an expert for the European Commission on the selection of Media Plan projects.