Pascal BAP is born in 1960 (he is French and speaks French, English, Spanish).

He is an engineer, and a graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris.

He is a specialist in post-production and digital imaging, and was a software development engineer at Thomson group in 1984, before becoming a co-founder of TDI (Thomson Digital Image) which developed Computer Graphic Image Design software and related services. He subsequently became founder and managing director of the graphics company Ex-Machina, which produces high-end CGI films and special effects for films.

By 2000, Ex-Machina had a staff of 100 and Pascal established a subsidiary in Japan with Xavier Nicolas. Clients include Toyota, Dentsu, Panasonic, Sony Pictures, and Iwerks

He has produced many ground-breaking CGI films such as Trekken, Sub-oceanic Shuttle, and Mad Racers.

Pascal left Ex-Machina after the takeover by Ecoutez-Voir, and later became Development Manager of Duran-Duboi.

He has been a Kane consultant since 2001.

Pascal has produced conferences at Siggraph and at Imagina, and is a member of the CST.