Findings about Kane's report Newsroom 2003

In this presentation we give our findings about:

Findings about Kane's report Digital Asset Management 2003

In this presentation we identify 24 categories of video DAM applications before focusing on the most frequent ones: playout centers, news production and archive.

We deal with the most important organisation and video format issues (preservation vs. repurposing), strategies of implementation for news archive (big bang vs. stages), return on investments for each specific application type














Presentation about Market Sizing

We present our methodology for estimating 2005-2007 broadcast market size: either servers or automation or DAM software for instance.

It is based on actual deals, but also on the current situation and recent implementations, and projects covering server based playout, sport production, news production, and other production.

We have compiled a list of TV-channels in the world from various sources.

We complete interviews for the most important premium channel groups, and we use a panel of interviews for other categories of channels (national syndication, national independent, regional syndication, regional independent, international syndication, international independent).
We have identified 5 different size of installations for playout, 3 sizes for production (sports, news, other).