Thierry MOYERSOEN, is born in 1966 (he is Belgian and speaks French, English, Dutch).

Thierry was a founder and Managing Director of Connector SA and has always worked in Broadcast sector. He has a degree in Business Management of Cergeco in Belgium.

He became a well known specialist in the broadcast industry during 15 years of professional experience in distribution, system integration, Digital Asset Management and project management including all aspects of technical engineering, organisation, finance, and contract management.

Thierry is a specialist in IT architecture and programming, technical and financial feasibility studies, workflow and technical architecture design, RFP drafting, the vendor proposal comparison process, project management, project management methodology and its implementation, quality assurance, project planning, test management and platform validation, migration, training and maintenance organisation.

His recent (2001-2005) references are :

- Among broadcasters:

- in Government sector:

He worked since 2003 with Charles Bebert and Kane in various projects including RTBF.